Fantastic Testing Facilities and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Testing Facilities and Where to Find Them

Finding UK testing facilities is easier than ever before with the EIC and ESC’s new UK Testing Facilities Map

The EIC and Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) are excited to announce the launch of their new online ‘UK Testing Facilities Map’ which allows users to discover testing facilities across the UK with just the click of a mouse. 

The interactive map provides an overview of the cutting-edge facilities that innovators can access across the United Kingdom, that encompass a wide range of capabilities, in order to cater to a large variety of innovations.

Liam Bolton, EIC Innovation Community Lead said: 

“We are really excited to launch our interactive map of UK testing facilities alongside the ESC. Supporting our innovation community in accessing the industry is of paramount importance to the EIC.  

Testing and demonstration is a vital part of the innovation process, and with our new tool, innovators are able to access the information they need to locate and contact the best testing facility for them.”

Andrew Pease, Technology Acceleration Manager at Energy Systems Catapult, said: 

“The Catapult has a mission to unleash the full potential of the innovators enabling the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions, and so we’re delighted to be launching this interactive map which provides a one-stop shop for discovering a wide range of testing facilities across the country.

“As innovation accelerates within the energy system, it is important to enable testing and demonstration of these innovations within controlled environments. With the Interactive Map and Guide it will be easier to understand the landscape of available test sites and their specialties to help SMEs find appropriate resources for testing of their innovation”

To find out more and to begin your search for a UK testing facility, click here.

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