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Deployment ready guide

Innovation Deployment Guidance for Innovators

Ensuring that innovations successfully transition into Business as Usual (BAU) operations is the ultimate goal of all the collaborations that the EIC facilitates. However, it’s also the biggest challenge in innovation projects. 

We work to overcome this challenge by offering support, information and guidance to networks and innovators alike that makes the innovation pathway to BAU delivery as efficient and effective as possible. 

The journey towards successful adoption into BAU starts with shining a light on what constitutes BAU readiness from the perspective of both parties in UK innovation projects. 

Our Innovation Deployment Guidance offers just that – a clear and comprehensive overview of key BAU readiness indicators that acts a single point of reference for both innovators and energy networks. 

How to use this Innovation Deployment Guidance

This guidance has been developed using the EIC Partnership’s extensive experience in delivering innovation projects and trialled with multiple innovators over the past 12 months. 

To get the most from the document, use it as a reference to assess the status of each indicator at the start of an innovation project and to track progress at key stages during the project lifecycle.   

Deployment ready guide

The EIC can help guide you through the specific requirements and treatment of your IP as part of accessing the funding available - ensuring that your IP is protected but also releasing investment into your business.

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