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Innovation isn't easy, but it drives the world we live in. That's why 12 years ago, the UK energy networks decided that it made sense to work together to bring innovation forward and improve performance as the world transitions to a low carbon economy. Today the EIC is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by seven utility partners working with 7000+ innovators across the world. Over 130 calls for innovation have been launched and 85% of these calls have been successful in sourcing a solution.

What we do

The EIC provides a shared platform to bring our partners and our innovator community together, in order to facilitate processes that take innovation projects from an idea to business as usual. Our dedicated team of technical and commercial experts work alongside industry and innovators, to make the journey happen.

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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our expert team have an extensive knowledge base, allowing us to consistently deliver rapid solutions to business challenges. On average it takes 8-10 weeks from call launch to potential solutions being presented and we have a proven success rate: 85% of calls to our innovator community have a successful outcome.

We facilitate relationships to accelerate the discovery, development and deployment of solutions into business as usual.
We create access to difficult to reach areas such as funding, projects, people, and ideas.
We simplify the process by which industry partners provide access to third parties allowing greater exploration of operational challenges and the discovery of innovative new ways of working that deliver tangible savings to consumers.

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