How to Discover Cutting-edge Testing Facilities

How to Discover Cutting-edge Testing Facilities

As the world pushes towards a future of clean, sustainable energy, the need for innovation and collaboration in the energy industry is greater than ever. That's why The EIC has created: The Testing Facilities Map. 



What is the Testing Facilities Map? 


The Testing Facilities Map is an interactive map of all the testing facilities available for innovators across the UK. It includes information on the types of facilities available, the technologies they support, and how to access them. The map is a great resource for Innovators who are looking to develop and test their energy technologies, as it provides a centralised and comprehensive list of available facilities. 


The page is available on the EIC's Innovator Support Page, features testing facilities available for innovators across the UK. From university research centres to facilities focused on renewables, energy storage, conventional heat testing, and more, the Testing Facilities Map provides a view of cutting-edge facilities that you can access across the United Kingdom with a wide variety of capabilities to cater to all innovations. 


Why is it important? 


As governments around the world set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change, the energy industry is at the forefront of this effort. To meet these targets, we need to rapidly develop and deploy new technologies and solutions that can help us transition to a clean energy future. 


By providing innovators with access to testing facilities, the feature is helping to accelerate the development of new clean energy technologies. This is important because innovation is key to reducing the cost of clean energy and making it more accessible to everyone. 


The Testing Facilities Map is just one example of how collaboration and innovation are driving progress in the energy industry. As we look towards the future, it is clear that continued collaboration and investment in clean energy technologies will be essential for achieving a sustainable future. 


Who can use the testing facilities page?  


The Testing Facilities Map is available to all innovators who are looking to develop new energy technologies and want to find out more about the testing facilities and resources available to them. By signing up to the EIC's hub, innovators can access a range of helpful resources, including funding opportunities, expert advice, and current innovation opportunities, to help them bring their ideas to market. This helps drive innovation and facilitate the development of new technologies by giving innovators the resources they need to succeed. 


The EIC is continuously striving to deliver the actions outlined in the EIC Partnership Innovator Action Plan Delivery Roadmap for 2023. The ongoing support to Innovators and resources available such as the Testing Facilities Map are a primary focus in the objectives and are a result of feedback from The Innovator Insight Survey 2022.  





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