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Breaking down the Complexities of IP and Legal Terminology

NIA and SIF are funding mechanisms that enable network operators to invest in innovative projects that benefit customers and the environment. The treatment of IP for NIA and SIF projects is distinct and subject to the respective Ofgem Governance Document. We know that clear protection of IP is important for Innovators which is why we've developed the following guidance for NIA and SIF funded projects. 

Please note that this guidance does not constitute legal advice.

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Helpful Insights

Speak directly to our Legal Counsel who is on hand to provide helpful insights into IP and facilitate your understanding.



An IPR Visual

The EIC is developing an accessible and easy to understand visual that explains how the IP regimes work under NIA and SIF.



Innovator Focussed

You asked, we've delivered. This page and the support on it is in direct response to the Innovator Insights Survey in 2022.

The EIC can help guide you through the specific requirements and treatment of your IP as part of accessing the funding available - ensuring that your IP is protected but also releasing investment into your business.

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We understand that you may require additional support from time to time, as each project is unique in its own right. Our Legal Counsel can help you navigate the complexities aiding your understanding of IP under NIA and SIF funding schemes.*

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*Please note that these sessions will be guidance only and will not constitute Legal Advice.

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