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Case Studies

Read the featured case studies below to see how the EIC have facillitated innovation.

Acoustic Barrier


A versatile acoustic barrier that can be attached to site boundaries, reducing noise and allowing work to continue without complaint. 

Above & Beyond

BAU 2021

A collaborative project which intends to deliver the required safety cases, operational definitions and guidance to enable universal beyond visual line of sight drone operations. 

Alternative Gas Pinpointing

Project phase 2

Current methods to identify gas leaks under carriageways can cause high levels of shock through the operative’s arms and shoulders. The innovation will change how operatives work by making processes both safer and easier.


BAU 2022

The development of a sustainable, ultra-strong wood pole manufacturing technique that reduces material use by up to 85%.

Real Time Fault Level Monitor


Managing fault levels, the highest amount of current that could flow in an electrical system under short circuit conditions, one of the major challenges faced by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Smart SLG


A solution which uses geospatial technology, harnessing local data to create traffic management plans that are compliant with the Department for Transport's 'Safety at street works and road works' code of practice and chapter 8 of 'Traffic Signs Manual'. 

Pavement protection


Solution to pavement protection during maintenance and installation activities. 

Open Grid Systems - Grid(i) View


A mobile application that allows damaged equipment to be quickly identified. 

Fluid CableCare

BAU 2022

A self-healing additive for fluid filled cables.



A robust, secure, easy to use magnetic portable work desk that can be fixed onto any magnetic surface.

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