The Energy Industry Funding Landscape

Providing you with the most relevant funding schemes across the TRL range

The energy industry funding landscape is continuously evolving in response to the increasing demand for sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Entrepreneurs and innovators in this field require access to innovative technologies and processes, which is why a variety of funding mechanisms have emerged to support them.

From Innovation Allowances for Energy Networks and the Strategic Innovation Fund to government grants, loans, venture capital investments, and Local Enterprise Partnerships, there are several funding options available. To provide a comprehensive overview of the prominent funding sources in the industry, the EIC and Ixion Innovation have partnered together.

It is important to note that whilst this list covers many funding opportunities, it is not exhaustive. Throughout the year, new funding options may arise, aligning with emerging trends and developments. To ensure you stay informed, our document is regularly updated to reflect any changes or new funding mechanisms that we believe will be of interest to innovators within the energy sector.

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The Funding Landscape by the EIC

Discover some of the funding mechanisms available to entrepreneurs and innovators.

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The EIC has partnered with Ixion Innovation to ensure that only the most relevant funding opportunities (with links) are included.

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