Empowering Innovation for a Cleaner Energy Future: EIC's Impact at Utility Week Live

Empowering Innovation for a Cleaner Energy Future: EIC's Impact at Utility Week Live

Last week, the EIC team and esteemed Partners made an indelible impact at Utility Week Live, a premier event in the energy industry.  On the stand, EIC's Innovators, Egnida, Fundamentals, Outram Research, and APK Industries, showcased their ground-braking projects.


Our Network Partners, Northern Gas Networks, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Power Energy Networks, UK Power Networks,  and Gas Networks Ireland joined the EIC stand to discuss the latest advances in the industry. The Partnership's collaborative exhibition created a vibrant atmosphere, fostering insightful conversations and highlighting the collective impact of the EIC in driving innovation and propelling the energy industry towards a cleaner future. 


The Power of Collaboration 


At our stand, we witnessed a constant stream of industry professionals and SMEs eager to explore the innovative solutions presented by our talented Innovators. The lively atmosphere fostered insightful conversations and invaluable networking opportunities. It was inspiring to see firsthand how the EIC has facilitated innovation, connecting visionaries with resources and support to realise their transformative ideas. Our network partners played a vital role in engaging with these individuals, providing a platform for collaboration and growth. 


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Throughout the two days, our stand was a central area for innovators, drawing in a constant stream of visitors eager to witness the showcased projects and chat with the EIC team of experts. The insightful conversations that unfolded revealed the remarkable impact the EIC has had in fostering innovation. It was fantastic to meet with innovators who could benefit from our services, opening doors for collaboration and growth.


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Leading the Charge on Cleaner Energy Systems 


One of the highlights of Utility Week Live was the presence of our Managing Director, Denise Massey, on the Innovator stage. Denise led a thought-provoking discussion on the topic of cleaner energy systems by 2035. Her passionate statement, "We have 12 years to deliver a clean energy system in the UK; the time to act is now," encapsulated the urgency and importance of our mission.  

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The talk featured industry experts and innovators, including Luke Blackaby from Ofgem, Ian Cameron from UK Power Networks (UKPN), Kate Edwards from Outram Research, and Andrew Larkins, CEO of Sygensys. Together, they delved into the pressing questions surrounding our progress, the remaining tasks, and the feasibility of achieving this monumental challenge. 


The large audience, comprising industry experts, innovators, and passionate individuals, actively participated in the discussion, posing thought-provoking questions. The level of engagement showcased the collective determination to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and sustainable future. 


Looking Ahead


Utility Week Live was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with industries, SMEs, and innovators who share our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future. The event allowed us to showcase the immense talent and potential of the EIC, while also gaining valuable insights from industry experts.  


It was fantastic to connect with innovators, industry professionals and our network partners at Utility Week Live. We are feeling positive about the connections made and looking forward to progressing with the relationships forged at the event. 



We hope to see you all again next year! 




If you were inspired by the energy and innovation at Utility Week Live, we invite you to explore the funding support opportunities offered by the Energy Innovation Centres. Our team is dedicated to empowering innovators and driving the clean energy revolution forward. Visit our support page to learn more about how we can help you bring your innovative ideas to life. 



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