EIC's Innovator Insights Survey 2022: 5 barriers to innovation identified by our innovators

EIC's Innovator Insights Survey 2022: 5 barriers to innovation identified by our innovators

Understanding how we can better work with innovators is key to accelerating the improvements to services that can be made by our network partners and, ultimately, helping to achieve the goal of a safe, affordable, net-zero future. 

Each of our regular Innovator Insights Surveys reveals new areas for improvement that can build on those previously addressed. In the 2022 edition of the survey, innovators have identified five areas in particular where barriers to innovation can be reduced. 

Easier Access to Data and Information 

A simple yet effective way to improve the delivery of projects is for us to ensure that innovators have as much information as they need about the calls and challenges raised by networks, from providing comprehensive briefings to improving collaboration. 

Improved Collaborative Working and Partnerships 

The relationships between networks and innovators should be more than just a one-way provision of information but should involve dialogue between the two that can build a greater understanding of what is required, accelerate delivery and result in better solutions.

Streamlined Processes 

Our priority must always be to facilitate innovation as quickly as possible and to the highest standard, so it's crucial that the processes we have in place - such as for answering call-outs or submitting proposals - are as frictionless as possible and allow innovators to focus on developing solutions. 

More Consistency Across Networks 

Another way to reduce the friction of admin is to ensure that wherever possible, networks have similar requirements and processes - such as when deploying projects into business as usual - providing familiarity for innovators and accelerating the delivery of solutions. 

Faster Implementation of Innovation into BAU 

Fundamentally, our aim is to deliver improvements to services for networks, so it's important that every part of the process - from identifying problems to collaboration to refining solutions - is geared towards delivering solutions as seamlessly and effectively as possible. 

Download the Innovator Insights Survey 2022 for more information about how the EIC is removing barriers for private sector innovators. 

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