EIC's Innovator Insights Survey 2022: How to improve the way that the energy industry works

EIC's Innovator Insights Survey 2022: How to improve the way that the energy industry works

Our regular surveys give us the insights we need to help innovators develop better solutions for the networks with which they work.  

The 2022 edition of Innovator Insights Survey has highlighted a number of ways in which we can help to improve the way that innovators and networks work together working between innovators and networks - and ultimately lead to better solutions for everyone's benefit. 

Briefing and information 

The foundation for successful working relationships - and thus projects - is preparation. Innovators need to be thoroughly briefed on the challenge that needs solving and networks need to know what involvement is required from them and how they can provide input to a project. Preparation shouldn't be limited to the problem that needs solving but how partners can work together to deliver the best results.


Tools and processes 

Understanding the approach that is required to improve innovator experiences is no good without the means of implementing it. Simple processes like regular meetings, contact protocols and feedback mechanisms must be put in place and communicated clearly while tools like project management software and video conferencing tech can help projects to run smoothly and effectively. Crucially, there must be buy in from both innovators and networks in for the approaches decided upon. 

Partner dialogue 

One thing that our latest report highlighted was that better dialogue between innovators and networks will deliver better results. It's clear that the solutions delivered can be held back by innovators working from briefs but without further input from networks. It's crucial that both innovators and networks understand the value of continued dialogue throughout a project and go into projects with this as an expectation. How that communication is delivered can vary depending on what suits the stakeholders involved, but it's important that it's baked in. 

Download the Innovator Insights Survey 2022 for more information about how the EIC is removing barriers for private sector innovators. 

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