The new EIC Industry Calendar: explore events and opportunities from across the energy sector

The new EIC Industry Calendar: explore events and opportunities from across the energy sector

We know that as an innovator it is increasingly challenging to keep on top of the many events and opportunities to engage with the energy networks.

That’s why the EIC and our partners wanted to make it straightforward for you.  We have launched our Industry Calendar to help you view everything going on in the industry, in one place.

Liam Bolton, Innovation Community Lead at the EIC, said:

“If you’re an innovator in the energy industry, you’ll know just how many organisations are out there, and how many newsletters you can receive on a daily basis.

We hope that the industry calendar will be one central place where you can access everything you need to know. If you’ve got any ideas of events or opportunities that you’d like to see on the platform then please let us know!”


This calendar will be consistently updated with innovation opportunities, essential deadlines and many of the best upcoming events for you, the innovator community.  

You’ll find event information from the EIC, our Partners, Ofgem, ENA and other key industry stakeholders. It serves as a one-stop-shop to explore:

  • upcoming industry events, 
  • webinars,
  • opportunities to engage with industry,
  • deadlines for Calls for Innovation and Industry Challenges,
  • milestones occurring across industry. 

Ian Cooper, Innovation Lead at UK Power Networks, said: 

“We’re really excited to see the EIC launch the Industry Calendar for innovators, as part of our wider action plan to strengthen engagement between the global innovation community and the UK energy networks. 

We hope this calendar will help innovators to stay up to date with events and showcase the opportunities that are available, all in one place.”

You can link the industry calendar to your own personal digital calendar (such as outlook, google etc) by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button in the top right corner of the calendar, and following the instructions provided.

Log in to the EIC Hub or sign up today to access the calendar on your Dashboard.

Get in touch with us to share your thoughts on what opportunities and events we should include, by contacting

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