Register for our latest webinar: Achieving commercialisation for your Innovation - An Introduction to MTC

Register for our latest webinar: Achieving commercialisation for your Innovation - An Introduction to MTC

We are excited to continue our brand-new series of FREE online events, designed to engage, inform, and discuss the topics that matter to you the most.

We are bringing you our third Innovator Impact Webinar in partnership with our friends at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC):

Achieving commercialisation for your Innovation: An Introduction to MTC

About the event

Making sure that your innovative solutions can bridge the gap between being an idea or prototype, into being a product that can be manufactured to industry required standards, at volume, is critical. Doing so can help to ensure that your solution can be deployed within industry as a market ready solution.

In our latest webinar, we will be joined by MTC to provide guidance and support on how innovators can take their solutions from concept to market, and avoid the infamous ‘innovation valley of death’.

MTC will share valuable insights into:

  • The type of support they offer to innovators in bridging the gap from academia to industry
  • How this support can be accessed by innovators
  • The potential to access this support as part of an EIC ‘Call for Innovation’ project.

The presentation during the webinar will last for approximately 30 minutes, allowing time during the 1-hour webinar for questions and discussion.

Speakers include:

  • Neill Smith, Head of Manufacturing Support Services, MTC
  • Rob Wingrave, Business Development Manager PMI, MTC
  • Craig Sapio, Company Secretary, Legal Counsel & Deployment Workstream Lead, EIC - (Hosting)

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