Visit Our Innovator Support Page

Visit Our Innovator Support Page

Are you an innovator with, or working on, a solution or technology for the UK’s energy networks?


Did you know about the EIC’s Innovator Support page?  It’s designed to provide you with a variety of useful resources, including:


Innovation opportunities


Our industry partners regularly require solutions to their business challenges. Here you can respond to the latest opportunities from our electricity, gas and water partners. You can also submit your proposal for industry.  




We want to provide you with the best resources to support you during the innovation process. In the resources section of our Innovator Support Page you’ll find links to:


  • A funding finder tool, to help you search for funding for your innovations
  • An interactive map of the UK’s testing and demonstration facilities.
  • Plus, we’ve recently launched a calendar of industry-wide events.  Now you can browse events from across the industry in one place, and select those of most interest to you - no need to spend time searching different websites to find out what’s on.


Industry guides


There’s also a section dedicated to our industry guides:


  • Your guide to the GB energy industry
  • A guide to testing and demonstration facilities
  • A funding guide
  • An IP guide for innovators
  • And our new Ultimate Guide to the UK energy industry


Get involved or provide feedback


You can also get involved with our panel of innovators who provide their thoughts and feedback to help shape the future of the industry.  Plus, view the latest industry feedback recently submitted by innovators, in our ‘innovator insights’ report.

Our Innovator Support page also features video testimonials from our innovators, and helpful links to our Partners' and Ofgem's open data portals. 


Click here to visit our Innovator Support page today, and access the many opportunities, guides and resources that we have designed for you.


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Achieving net zero targets is one of the biggest challenges facing the energy and utilities industry, but by innovating together we can drive change and deliver a decarbonised future. Our industry partners are always looking for innovative new solutions to the challenges they face, including net zero, which is why we provide a platform where innovators like you can respond to the latest innovation opportunities and challenges, and submit your innovative ideas. Our expert team have an extensive knowledge base, allowing us to consistently help our partners to address challenges, and to support our innovation community. This enables innovators and industry to come together and build a strong innovation culture and streamline innovation processes.

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