IP Explained: EIC launches Innovator Support ‘Guide to Intellectual Property & NIA Projects’

IP Explained: EIC launches Innovator Support ‘Guide to Intellectual Property & NIA Projects’

The EIC have launched a brand new ‘Guide to Intellectual Property & NIA projects’, to provide insight and support for innovators in navigating one of the complex areas of the innovation project process, understanding intellectual property (IP). 

The guide was created by the EIC in order to increase innovators’ awareness and understanding of IP, including: information on the different types of IP; protecting and managing IP; and more specifically the treatment of IP under projects funded by EIC’s energy industry partners using the Network Innovation Allowance “NIA”. 

Working on behalf of its industry partners, the EIC has secured millions of pounds for businesses through funding provided by programmes such as Ofgem’s electricity and gas NIA. However, these funding programmes often have specific requirements relating to the treatment of any new IP created through the investment provided.

The EIC’s ‘Guide to Intellectual Property & NIA projects’ provides innovators with a baseline of understanding on these processes and highlights the necessary tools and services available in order to develop this understanding further. 

As a non-for-profit, supported by funding from our industry partners, the EIC provides guidance and support services free of charge, with no extra cost to your business. 

The ‘Guide to Intellectual Property & NIA projects’ is just a sample of the services we provide at the EIC for innovators & SMES. You can find out more about the support we offer by visiting our website at or contacting us today. 

Login and download our Guide to Intellectual Property & NIA Projects here.

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