ElectraLink’s consultation on DNO data provision and standardisation service

ElectraLink’s consultation on DNO data provision and standardisation service

ElectraLink’s consultation on DNO data provision and standardisation service

Independent data solutions provider, ElectraLink, are launching a brand-new service called ‘Flexr’, a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) data provision and standardisation service to facilitate the energy market transition. The initiative will feature a consultation phase in which ElectraLink will outline the vision of the service and how they are looking to implement it within the market in 2020, in partnership with the GB DNOs.

ElectraLink operates the data hub and ensures that it remains secure, low-cost and facilitates competition within the UK energy industry. The new service is designed to fast-track the development of flexibility markets and platforms by ensuring that participants register for data access, and is an open platform with secure and controlled access to the relevant resources and information.

Run in partnership with the DNOs, ElectraLink provides the data transfer service which has underpinned the retail energy market in the UK for the past two decades. Their vast experience in the energy sector has enabled them to provide the relevant expertise to support the consultation process and showcase the capabilities and benefits that will come from Flexr with regards to boosting innovation within the marketplace.

Flexr is currently in its development phases, with EletraLink working in close association alongside the DNOs to formalise the plans. ElectraLink are currently seeking responses to the questions outlined in their consultation document which can be accessed here. Responses can be made via a Google Form by clicking here, and the submission deadline for this is Friday 29th May. If you have any further queries relating to the initiative, or if you are unable to access the Google Form, you can request a Microsoft Word version via email by contacting

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