Transforming the Energy Landscape: EIC's Support for Innovative Technologies

Transforming the Energy Landscape: EIC's Support for Innovative Technologies

The energy sector is in a constant state of evolution, driven by innovation. However, navigating this dynamic landscape is not without its complexities. From the initial stages of getting a project off the ground to reaching Business As Usual (BAU), innovators face a number of challenges. Understanding and securing the right kind of funding, such as the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) or the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), can be a daunting task. Making meaningful connections within the industry and ensuring their innovative solutions are heard and recognised are other significant hurdles.


Bridging the Gap: Connecting Industry and Innovators


In the complicated landscape of the energy sector, SMEs and innovators often find themselves navigating a complex maze of industry requirements, funding options, and regulatory frameworks. At the EIC, we understand these challenges and are committed to bridging the gap between innovators and the industry.

Our role is to facilitate connections, providing a platform where innovators can find the right opportunities to bring their ideas to life. Through the EIC Hub, we offer access to Calls for Innovation from our Industry Partners. These calls present real-world challenges that are seeking innovative solutions, providing a direct pathway for innovators to make a significant impact in the energy sector.

The EIC Hub is more than just a platform for opportunities; it's a global community of innovators.  In this community, innovators are not alone in their journey. They are part of a supportive network that understands the challenges they face and provides the resources they need to overcome them. 


Access to the Latest Opportunities  


Innovation thrives when it meets opportunity. For SMEs and individual innovators in the energy sector, finding the right opportunities can often be the most challenging part of the journey. At the EIC, we strive to simplify this process and provide direct access to the latest opportunities in the industry.

Our unique position within the energy sector allows us to act as a conduit between our network partners and the innovative community. When our Network Partners identify a challenge that requires an innovative solution, they turn to us. We then put out a Call for Innovation to our community, inviting innovators to propose their unique solutions to these real-world problems.

These Calls for Innovation are not just requests for solutions; they are gateways to real-world application and impact. Each call represents a specific challenge in the energy sector that is seeking an innovative solution. By responding to these calls, innovators have the opportunity to apply their ideas and technologies to tangible problems, contributing to the evolution of the energy landscape.

But the opportunity doesn't end with a proposal. Innovators whose solutions are shortlisted are invited to a Presentation Day, where they have the unique opportunity to present their ideas directly to the Networks. This direct engagement with industry leaders not only provides invaluable feedback but also opens doors for potential collaboration.

The Calls for Innovation cover a wide range of areas within the energy sector, from renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency to grid management and customer engagement. This diversity of opportunities ensures that no matter the focus of an innovator's work, there is a potential pathway for its application and impact.

We continuously update and share new Calls for Innovation, ensuring that our community of innovators has ongoing access to the latest opportunities. This commitment to providing up-to-date opportunities is part of our mission to support and foster innovation in the energy sector.


Success Through the EIC'S Support


The Acoustic Barrier project by Noise Barrier Systems, showcases the tangible benefits of collaboration and support. Tasked with addressing noise pollution in construction and maintenance activities, the innovator developed a lightweight and modular acoustic barrier solution.

With EIC's support, Noise Barrier Systems collaborated with industry networks, including SP Energy Networks and UK Power Networks, to ensure the solution met industry requirements. Through our Call for Innovation and the resources on the EIC Hub, the project received the necessary funding and expertise.

The outcome was a significant reduction in noise levels, leading to improved community relations and a successful transition to BAU with the networks involved.

For a further look into journeys of innovators like Noise Barrier Systems, see our Case Studies


Funding and Alternative Funding Opportunities 


Navigating the funding landscape in the energy sector can be intricate and securing the right funding can be difficult. At the EIC, we're dedicated to simplifying this process for innovators, ensuring they have the resources and knowledge to navigate the financial landscape.


Central to our approach is the collaboration with Ixion Innovation through one-to-one Fund Discovery Sessions. These tailored online sessions are designed to guide innovators, helping them understand and access the most suitable funding opportunities for their projects. By participating, innovators are given guidence the complexities of funding, ensuring they're well-equipped to make informed decisions.


Beyond direct funding avenues, we also keep our community updated with alternative funding news. This includes insights into new funding schemes, regulatory changes, and how these can impact the broader energy innovation landscape.

How to Join the EIC Hub


Joining the EIC Hub is a straightforward process designed to connect innovators with a wealth of resources and opportunities:

Visit the EIC Hub Registration Page: Navigate to the EIC Hub registration page.

Complete the Registration Form: Fill in the required detail

Confirm Registration: Once satisfied, confirm your registration. You'll receive a confirmation email with login details.

Log In and Explore: Use the provided details to log in and start exploring the resources and opportunities available.

For new members, the EIC offers dedicated support to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Whether you have queries about the platform or need guidance on specific resources, the EIC team is here to assist.

The journey of energy innovation is filled with challenges and opportunities. At the EIC, our mission is to provide comprehensive support, guiding innovators every step of the way. From funding insights to real-world application opportunities, our platform is designed to support your journey.

By collaborating, sharing, and innovating, we believe in the transformative potential of new ideas in shaping the future of the energy landscape.


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Achieving net zero targets is one of the biggest challenges facing the energy and utilities industry, but by innovating together we can drive change and deliver a decarbonised future. Our industry partners are always looking for innovative new solutions to the challenges they face, including net zero, which is why we provide a platform where innovators like you can respond to the latest innovation opportunities and challenges, and submit your innovative ideas. Our expert team have an extensive knowledge base, allowing us to consistently help our partners to address challenges, and to support our innovation community. This enables innovators and industry to come together and build a strong innovation culture and streamline innovation processes.

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