Akshay Kaul, Director of Systems and Networks at Ofgem interviewed for debut episode of new podcast series

Akshay Kaul, Director of Systems and Networks at Ofgem interviewed for debut episode of new podcast series

The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) has launched a new podcast series that will bring together people from across the sector to gather views and discuss key topics in the industry.

The debut episode, Innovation in the energy sector: A regulator’s perspective sees host Liam Bolton, Innovation Community Lead at the EIC speak to Akshay Kaul, Director of Systems and Networks at Ofgem.

The short episode explores the key areas that are going to reshape the industry; decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. Liam and Akshay also discuss the role of Ofgem, the importance of the energy sector to the wider UK economy, RIIO2 and the importance of innovation in the energy sector. Akshay also provides advice for those wanting to innovate in the sector and delves into what success looks like for third parties.

“The introduction of podcasts is a great way for us to engage with our community,” says Bolton. “We have some fantastic guests lined up in the coming months and they will be talking about all the key topics in the sector.

“Our debut episode with Akshay is a great way to kick off the series, particularly given the hot topic of the moment in the industry – RIIO2. The episode sheds light on what RIIO2 is and what innovators in the sector should be focusing on as we move towards a low carbon, decentralised energy system.”

The full debut episode is available on iTunes, Spotify and here.

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