Network Rail Collaborates with EIC

Network Rail Collaborates with EIC

The EIC is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Network Rail which will see it support the company in exploring novel technologies enabling it to run a reliable and efficient railway.


The project aims to identify technologies that can be used as a means of monitoring and assessing the condition of High Voltage (HV) Distribution cables.

Drawing on its international innovation community, Energy Network Partners experience, and in-house technical expertise, the EIC will support Network Rail in identifying and assessing Partial Discharge monitoring solutions which will lead to improvements in the management of these critical assets.

Warren Blewitt, Programme Engineering Manager at Network Rail commented:


This project provides an excellent opportunity for Network Rail to collaborate with the EIC and the Energy networks to identify new technologies and emerging best practices for the management of our HV cable assets.”


Network Rail will be collaborating with UK Power Networks and other EIC Partners to explore applications of partial discharge for High Voltage cable management.


Chino Atako, Senior Asset Engineer at UK Power Networks said:


“We are happy to share our experience of partial discharge cable monitoring with EIC and Network Rail and learn from their experience of the technology to innovate and improve customer experience.”


Matthieu Michel, Operations Director at the EIC said:


The EIC firmly believes in the value of collaboration. We are committed to facilitating more effective cross sectoral working to drive improvements across utilities and help achieve a Whole System approach to decarbonisation. The EIC is looking forward to working closely with Network Rail and seeing the positive impact of this collaboration.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the team of experts at the EIC.

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