Lines-persons Communications System

Lines-persons Communications System

The Opportunity 

The objective of this Opportunity is to shortlist the submissions that best answer the brief, with the aim of attending a presentation day with the EIC Industry Partners, where it can be discussed in greater detail with a technical panel. The EIC welcomes submissions from individual companies or companies working in collaboration with each other. 

What is the Problem 

Lines-persons are tasked with maintaining and repairing assets on the Overhead Line (OHL) network, which requires working at height. Teams of Lines-persons face a critical challenge when it comes to effective communication with their colleagues on the ground, particularly when there is background noise from wind, traffic, and equipment.
Due to the limitations of existing communication methods Lines-persons frequently resort to shouting to relay information, leading to:

• Misunderstanding of instructions & dangers highlighted by ground personnel
• Increased risk of accidents
• Compromised safety protocols
• Risks to overall wellbeing.
Networks do not currently have a standardised solution that provides their Lines-persons with the means to conduct two-way communications in a safe and practical manner that doesn’t impact their comfort and performance. Contractors have been observed using complete noise cancelling communication methods. This, however, would not be suitable for Lines-persons as they need to maintain full awareness of their surroundings at all times. 

Preferred Output 

UK Power Networks require a solution that will enable teams of lines-persons to communicate safely and effectively with their colleagues on the ground. The preferred output would be a standardised solution that:
• Provides a two-way communication method between the Lines-persons and colleagues on the 
ground (team may consist of up to five people);
• Does not compromise the Lines-person’s comfort and performance when conducting their duties;
• Allows Lines-persons to maintain awareness of their surroundings without full noise cancelation.