Keeping Communications Open during HV faults

Keeping Communications Open during HV faults

The Opportunity


The objective of this Opportunity is to shortlist the submissions that best answer the brief, with the aim of attending a presentation day with the EIC Industry Partners, where it can be discussed in greater detail with a technical panel.



What is the Problem?


The UK Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is undergoing a shift away from current copper cabling to a faster fibre optic-based network such as fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) or fibre to the premises (FTTP). This transition has presented a significant challenge, as the new fibre optic network is no longer powered by the telephone exchange. This means the telephone network is reliant on a power supply from customers properties. DNO’s are particularly concerned on the impact this could have on their Priority Service Register (PSR) customers.



Preferred Output


The preferred output would enable Priority Services Register (PSR) customers and rural communities off supply to contact their Distribution network operator (DNO) to report an outage and/or request help.




The EIC welcomes submissions from individual companies or companies working in collaboration with each other.