EIC’s new digital platform set to provide an improved space for partners and the innovation community

EIC’s new digital platform set to provide an improved space for partners and the innovation community

The EIC has transformed their digital platform to create a more user-friendly space for industry partners and their community of innovators to connect and discover new innovation opportunities.

The new digital platform will not only see a design refresh, but will be more interactive, intuitive and easier to navigate for all users.

The improvements will include the development of an enriched interactive Hub to accelerate the discovery, development and deployment of innovation into business as usual within utility businesses.

This unique space will allow registered users to promote innovation ideas and products, share development proposals, open-up discussions within the innovation community as well as accessing innovator aids such as the Innovator Toolkit and Funding Finder.

The new platform will also provide the EIC with a more flexible system that will increase efficiency in the businesses operation and accommodate the continued growth of the organisation.

Matthieu Michel, the EIC’s Operations Director, said:

‘I’m very excited about the new digital platform and the benefits it will bring, not only to the EIC which will see significant improvements in terms of managing the platform and sharing information with its users, but also to the innovation community and our partner companies. I believe it will strengthen relationships, further bridging the gap between the larger utilities and innovators, as they will have a valuable space in which they will be able to interact with one another and share the latest innovative ideas, technologies and opportunities.’

Pre-existing members of our innovation community can expect to receive an email shortly after the launch of the new platform with instructions on how to log in and update their profile.

If you have any questions regarding the new digital platform please email

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