The EIC's Visit to The Palace of Westminster

The EIC's Visit to The Palace of Westminster

The EIC team recently had the opportunity to visit the Palace of Westminster, London. The visit provided a unique opportunity for them to learn about the history of Westminster, observe a debate on an issue central to the energy sector, and attend a parliamentary seminar on the political landscape that shapes energy policy in the UK. The visit also highlighted the important work of The Industry and Parliament Trust's (IPT) in bridging the gap between UK business and Parliament and facilitating open and two-way dialogue.


The day was filled with an exciting tour of the most historic and important chambers in the Houses of Parliament, including Westminster Hall, House of Commons' Chamber, and House of Lords' Chamber. The tour culminated with a parliamentary seminar and an introduction to parliament from Nick Maher, CEO of the IPT , in Portcullis House.


The Industry and Parliament Trust


The IPT is a non-lobbying, non-partisan charity that aims to bridge the gap between UK business and Parliament. The IPT is supported by a cross-party representation of senior parliamentarians on its Board of Trustees and through the patronage of its industry supporters. The IPT works with all parliamentarians and businesses of any sector or size to create an environment that supports open and two-way dialogue between Parliament and UK business.


The IPT's platforms engage, educate, inform, create lasting relationships, and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Its specific aims include equipping parliamentarians from all parties with a greater understanding of commerce and industry through non-partisan platforms, enabling businesses of all sizes and from all sectors to develop knowledge of parliamentary and legislative processes, enriching policy debates by deepening the dialogue between Parliament and industry, and supporting the efficient administration of government through its Civil Service Attachment Scheme.


westminter tour



The EIC team was delighted to have been hosted by the IPT and to have had the opportunity to explore Westminster Palace. The visit provided a unique insight into the workings of UK Parliament and the important role it plays in shaping the country's future.






Electricity Transmission Bill


The opportunity to observe a debate on an issue that is central to the energy sector was a highlight of the EIC team's visit. The debate focused on the key purpose and principles of the Electricity Transmission Bill, which aims to provide fair compensation for landowners whose land is acquired by electricity network operations for maintaining network infrastructure.

The Electricity Transmission Bill is a private members' bill that was introduced in the House of Lords earlier this year. It seeks to address concerns raised by landowners who feel that they are not being adequately compensated for the use of their land by electricity network operators. The bill aims to ensure that compensation is fair and transparent, and that landowners are given the support they need to negotiate effectively with network operators.


The EIC team was able to observe the debate and gain valuable insights into the legislative process in the House of Lords. They were able to witness first-hand the passionate speeches and thoughtful arguments put forward by the Lords as they debated the key purpose and principles of the bill. This was a unique opportunity for the team to learn more about the challenges facing the energy sector and the importance of fair compensation for landowners.


Trip Highlights


One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to learn about the history of Westminster. The team was able to see some of the most significant buildings and landmarks, such as Westminster Hall, the House of Commons' Chamber, and the House of Lords' Chamber. Learning about the traditions and customs of Parliament and the role it has played in shaping British history was a fascinating experience for the team.


The team also had the opportunity to attend a parliamentary seminar given by Philippa Helme, a parliamentary consultant with expertise in the workings of Parliament.Parliement seminar with Phillipa The seminar emerged into a team discussion surrounding some of the most pressing issues facing the sector, including the transition to clean energy and the role of innovation in achieving sustainability goals. Philippa's insights and expertise on parliamentary procedures provided the team with a deeper understanding of the political landscape that shapes energy policy in the UK.



After the tour, the EIC team enjoyed a team lunch together in London, reflecting on the day's events and the valuable insights gained. The visit to the Houses of Parliament was an excellent opportunity for the EIC team to engage with the IPT and learn more about the important work it does to foster collaboration and communication between UK business and Parliament.


These experiences will undoubtedly inspire new ideas and approaches to innovation in the energy sector, and the team is excited to carry these insights forward into their work. 



Westminster visit

A fantastic and inspiring day out for the EIC team!





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