EIC launches Deployment Hub - a new platform for innovators and industry to share market-ready solutions

EIC launches Deployment Hub - a new platform for innovators and industry to share market-ready solutions

Are you an innovator or company with an innovative solution that is ready to be deployed and that may be of interest to our industry partners?  

We are excited to announce the latest development of the EIC innovation platform - the launch of our new ‘Deployment Hub’. 

What is the Deployment Hub?

The Deployment Hub brings together innovative products and services that have been brought to us by our innovation community and industry partners. These solutions should be new to the market, innovative, and have the potential to contribute to addressing industry partners’ business challenges. 

You too can have the opportunity to have your solution featured on our Deployment Hub. Following the submission of a solution, it will be reviewed by one of our engineers.  If approved, the details of your product or services will be added to the catalogue of solutions available for our partners to browse.

How could the Deployment Hub benefit you? 

If your solution is approved by the EIC, the details of your innovation will be uploaded onto the Deployment Hub for our industry partners to browse. Therefore, your solution or service will be shared directly with the industry. 

How can you submit your solution? 

Log in or sign up at to access the Deployment Hub on your Dashboard and feel free to browse the catalogue of solutions.

To submit a deployment ready solution for consideration, go to your Dashboard, click on ‘Submit a proposal’ and select the ‘Deployment ready proposal’ option. 

How do I find out about current industry challenges?

To find out more about the latest industry challenges, please visit the EIC’s opportunities page here or the latest Energy industry strategies here. We are also interested in hearing about solutions that address closed opportunities.

What will be taken into consideration when reviewing my solution?

Your solution should be deployment ready, not require any development, and have the potential to address current industry challenges. Our partners are also interested to hear about transferrable solutions that are deployed and delivering benefits to other industries.

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Achieving net zero targets is one of the biggest challenges facing the energy and utilities industry, but by innovating together we can drive change and deliver a decarbonised future. Our industry partners are always looking for innovative new solutions to the challenges they face, including net zero, which is why we provide a platform where innovators like you can respond to the latest innovation opportunities and challenges, and submit your innovative ideas. Our expert team have an extensive knowledge base, allowing us to consistently help our partners to address challenges, and to support our innovation community. This enables innovators and industry to come together and build a strong innovation culture and streamline innovation processes.

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