Collaborating to Decarbonise Utility Networks’ Transport using Whole System Thinking

Collaborating to Decarbonise Utility Networks’ Transport using Whole System Thinking

The EIC is proud to announce that Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) in conjunction with three other electricity networks and one gas network, is to launch a project supporting decarbonisation of their vehicle fleets. 

Over the next eight months Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) will study alternative fuels for commercial fleets including electricity, hydrogen and biomethane.  The EIC’s partners will contribute details of their existing fleets.  ESC will be working with Black & Veatch to study the EIC’s partners’ vehicles and to understand which technology is best suited to their needs. The research will also identify gaps in the market to determine where further innovation can make a difference. 

 Neil Chamberlain, National EV Manager at SSEN, said, 

 “We are delighted to be leading this project, which will aim to provide a measurable impact on the decarbonisation of the entire energy sector’s transport fleet. Learning from this project can be shared outside our sector and help all large corporate fleets to transition to a net zero future.” 


EIC partners participating in the project include: Scottish and Southern Energy Networks, Northern Power Grid, SP Energy Networks, UK Power Networks and Northern Gas Networks.  

Denise Massey, Managing Director at the EIC, said 

“It is extremely positive to see our partners from across the sector collaborating and working together to decarbonise their transport fleets. The learning from this project will have wider impact beyond the energy sector. The outcomes of this project will be shared widely across both public and private sectors and contribute to the decarbonisation of commercial fleets across the UK.  By working together and sharing our collective insight, we can deliver, more and better, for less on our journey to achieving net zero.” 

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