The Asset Reuse and Recovery Collaboration (ARRC) project

The Asset Reuse and Recovery Collaboration (ARRC) project

Working with the EIC, SP Energy Networks (SPEN) have teamed up with Frazer-Nash Consultancy to begin a SIF (Strategic Innovation Fund) project.  This will develop and assess novel solutions to the industry-wide problem of sustainable management of high value assets. 

The Asset Reuse and Recovery Collaboration (ARRC) project is currently in its Discovery phase, in which Frazer-Nash Consultancy is gathering information around the current practices of asset management. In addition to SPEN and Frazer-Nash Consultancy – ScottishPower Renewables, SSEN, BEAMA, National Grid, and Network Rail will also collaborate.  The overall aim will be to bring to light the best advances in asset management. 

The ARRC project will address the significant environmental and financial costs of the infrastructure life cycle. This could refer to, for example, embodied carbon in manufacturing and transport, or the end-of-life disposal of assets. 

Using a whole-system approach to asset management, the ARRC project aims to extend the life of assets, to keep resources in use for as long as possible.  This will provide significant environmental, cost and network resilience benefits. 

The best practices in use today across the industry will be identified, then evaluated, and finally consolidated into a suite of proven methodologies and standards.  These can be adopted in the energy industry and beyond. 

See this YouTube video or visit the ENA website for more details on the ARRC project.

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