Facilitating collaboration at the Innovation Safari

Facilitating collaboration at the Innovation Safari

The EIC Energy Innovation Awards are back on 3 March 2022. The ceremony will be preceded by an ‘Innovation Safari’, a pre-awards event bringing together shortlisted innovators and industry leaders in collaboration. 

The Innovation Safari is a unique opportunity for innovators to showcase their ideas and solutions to industry experts and their peers. Here are three key reasons why the Innovation Safari is a must-attend event:

1. Access to industry

One of the main difficulties innovators face in progressing their ideas and technologies is access to the right people.

The Innovation Safari puts innovators and SMEs in a room with key industry players and allows for interaction and conversation around important topics and technologies.

2. Networking opportunities

Facilitation of collaboration is key to what we do at the EIC, and the Innovation Safari is a real-world example of this. 

The Innovation Safari provides the essential opportunity to network with other shortlisted innovators.

With some of the countries’ brightest innovative minds together in one room, the Safari provides the platform to develop new partnerships to potentially bring about ground-breaking ideas and solutions.

3. Stand out from the crowd

The Innovation Safari gives shortlisted participants the chance to stand out in this immersive showcase to a diverse audience.

Innovators also have the opportunity to give a hands-on exhibition of why their work has been acknowledged. 

The Energy Innovation Awards is coming on 3 March 2022. To join us at the Innovation Safari, buy your ticket here

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