Energy Innovation Centre welcomes new industry partner ERVIA

Energy Innovation Centre welcomes new industry partner ERVIA

The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) has launched a new partnership with Irish multi-utility company, Ervia. The partnership is set to unleash innovation opportunities that will benefit Ervia’s national gas and water infrastructure and services.

The deal will see the EIC working alongside Ervia’s operating companies Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water to improve the delivery of gas and water services in Ireland through the exploration of innovative new technologies.

The Energy Innovation Centre is a not-for-profit innovation scout that works in partnership with seven of the UK’s gas and electricity distribution networks and Energy Systems Catapult. They connect industry with a global community of SME innovators to explore operational challenges and find new ways of working.

Ervia is the commercial semi-state multi-utility company responsible for the delivery of Ireland’s national gas and water infrastructure and services that underpin the growth of the Irish economy.

The EIC’s managing director, Denise Massey, said:

“This is a very exciting partnership for us and we are looking forward to employing our innovation expertise to meet Ervia’s industry challenges. The EIC has a global network of innovators with bright ideas and specialist skills. They are primed to meet the needs of our industry partners and we are certain they will bring huge value to Ervia’s operations. I also have no doubt that our current industry partners will also benefit from this opportunity to embark on cross-industry and cross-utility innovation projects and the sharing of best practice.”

Group Head of Innovation and Strategy at Ervia, Paul O’Donoghue, said:

“We are very keen to start working with the EIC and their other industry partners to explore innovation. We are interested to see how the EIC’s proven calls for innovation process can help us fast-track solutions to some of our biggest operational challenges, with the aim of securing a demonstrable return for our customers.”

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