Smart LV Fuse carrier

Smart LV Fuse carrier

The Opportunity


The objective of this Opportunity is to shortlist the submissions that best answer the brief, with the aim of attending a presentation day with the EIC Industry Partners, where it can be discussed in greater detail with a technical panel.



What is the Problem?


Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) play a crucial role in enabling Net Zero by connecting renewable energy sources and promoting low carbon technologies. To monitor the Distribution Low Voltage (LV) network, DNOs install Rogowski coils and voltage connections. However, the flexible leads used for measurement pose safety risks as trip hazards and can result in incorrect reconnection after fuse replacement.



Preferred Output


The preferred output would be achieved by eradicating the use of connection leads, such as providing a wireless link between the carrier and the RTU/gateway. This would eliminate the need for trailing leads in monitoring, thereby significantly reducing the risk of trip hazards in areas where exposed live equipment, like open busbars, is present.  




The EIC welcomes submissions from individual companies or companies working in collaboration with each other.