Temporary Power Supply to a Single Customer off Supply

 Temporary Power Supply to a Single Customer off Supply


The Opportunity

The objective of this Opportunity is to shortlist the submissions that best answer the brief, with the aim of attending a presentation day with the EIC Industry Partners, where it can be discussed in greater detail with a technical panel.


What is the Problem?

Customers may become temporarily disconnected from the electricity distribution network. A customer’s property may be left without power for a number of reasons, such as faults to the network, storm damage, scheduled repairs, or regular maintenance.


For some customers, being without power for an extended period of time may be dangerous, especially for those in vulnerable situations who rely on electricity to power medical/support equipment. While temporary power generators are sometimes used in these scenarios, their limited electrical output means that they are not suitable for all situations.


In some cases, neighboring properties may still have electrical supply, which could be used to provide power to the disconnected customer. However, the equipment and methodology required to utilise this power source has not yet been developed.


Preferred Output

This network is seeking a solution that would enable operatives to utilize the electrical supply from a nearby property to offer power to disconnected customers during temporary outages.

The solution must take into account both the equipment and methodology necessary to connect the two properties, and only single-phase LV customers off Supply should be considered.

It is vital that this solution places emphasis on assisting customers in vulnerable situations.


The EIC welcomes submissions from individual companies or companies working in collaboration with each other.