UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019 Shortlist Announced

UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019 Shortlist Announced

The shortlist, chosen by a panel of expert industry judges from across the gas, electricity and water sectors has now been announced and the winners will be unveiled at an awards ceremony and dinner on Thursday 26 September at Liverpool’s Titanic Hotel. 

The awards, which have been showcasing the best innovations within the gas and electricity sectors since 2011, are greatly supported by the industry and offer an unprecedented opportunity for industry leaders and innovators to come together and celebrate the ideas and technologies that benefit customers, the environment, the industry and the supply chain.

This year sees 12 revamped categories, including exciting additions of ‘Young Innovator of the Year’ and two water industry specific awards. These categories reflect the pace of change and cross-sector collaboration across the industries, and provide a platform for third parties, innovators and SMEs to stand out from the crowd and showcase their ground-breaking work in innovation. 

Denise Massey, the EIC’s Managing Director and chair of the judging panel, said:

‘Year on year the shortlist gets stronger and the entries received this year demonstrate the ambition and success of those addressing the challenges within the gas, electricity and water sectors.  It is fantastic to be able to give recognition to the achievements of those driving the industry towards its zero carbon targets and ensuring that customers have safe, sustainable and affordable utility systems they can rely on.’

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony and dinner on Thursday 26 September at Liverpool’s Titanic Hotel. Leading industry partners will be attending, as well as representatives from industry regulators, Ofgem and Ofwat. 

The UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019 Shortlist is as follows: 

1. Best electricity network improvement 

Digital Engineering - Asset Management 

Outram Research Ltd - Real Time Fault Level Monitor (RTFLM)

GridBeyond - The World’s First Hybrid Battery & Demand Network

Digital Engineering - Grid Resilience

Voltra Technology - DRH4

CAPTURA Surveying & Inspection - 360 Backpack Technology

NM Group - Vegetation Analytics

Entrust Microgrid Ltd - Entrust Smart Home Microgrid 

2. Best innovation – electricity

Elimpus - Overhead Line Wireless Monitoring System

GridBeyond - The World’s First Hybrid Battery & Demand Network 

Esmart Systems UK Ltd - Connected Drone 

Kaluza - The Kaluza Platform

GNOSYS Global Ltd - Self-healing Fluid Additive

TSAFET Ltd in association with Exact Projects Ltd - Touch Safe Tag (TST)

Powerline Technologies Ltd - SYNAPS 

Turbo Power Systems - Bi-Directional DC-DC Converters 

Digital Engineering - ALiRA Project

3. Best gas network improvement 

Synthotech Ltd - System Two Assess & Seal Solution (STASS)

Steve Vick International – Enhanced SEAL (E-SEAL)

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd – The Crowcon LMm

Enduratec Ltd - DURASEAL

4. Best innovation – gas

Lagoni Engineering Ltd – Open Source SCADA 

Gas Leakage Solutions – Top Tee Siphon Adaptor

Steve Vick International - Enhanced SEAL (E-SEAL)

The Technology Partnership (TTP) – Phased Array

Synthotech Ltd - ServiBoost

5. Best water utility improvement

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd – SMART Sewer

MMC Fittings Ltd – Plastic Pipe Coupling Solution 

nuron Ltd – Fibre Sensing Technology

Synthotech Ltd in association with HMG Water Solutions Ltd – HMGmic/PipeMic 

EcoGenR8 (Trading as AFECO) – Bio-cage™

6. Best innovation – water

NVP Energy - Anaerobic Digestion Wastewater Treatment Technology

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd - CENTAUR™

PAM Analytics - PAM 


Altitude Thinking - AquaBot

SmartValve Ltd - SmartValve 

7. Best collaborative project

WRC - Measuring the Impact of Network Activities


Progressive Energy Ltd – The Green City Vision Project

PassivSystems - The Freedom Project

Callen-Lenz Associates Ltd – Above & Beyond 

8. Young innovator of the year

Dale Colley - Altitude Thinking

Thomas Fudge - WASE

Rob Battrum - Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Thomas Shepherd - Desinov, UTC South Durham

James Cugley - University of Kent

Tommy Isaac - Progressive Energy Ltd

9. Best emerging cross-vector technology

PassivSystems - Hybrid Control Platform


Bowman Power Group Ltd - ETC 1000 

10. Best DSO enabling project

ElectraLink - The LCT Detection Project

Turbo Power Systems - Bi-Directional DC-DC Converters

Insolar Technologies GmbH - Insolar Transactive Energy System

Digital Engineering - Weather Corrections for Individual Substations

Gridhound GmbH - AI Digital Solution (Digital Twin)

11. Social impact

HALO Kilmarnock Ltd - HALO

WASE - Modular EMR System

1Spatial - Smart SLG 

Egnida Group Ltd - Scalable Online System 

12. Customer focus 

Progressive Energy Ltd – The Green City Vision Project

Labrador - Automated Switching Services

BeON energy - Solar Kit

Vestemi - Radbot

GenGame - ACE Project

Neighbourhood Economics - SAVE Project

iPower - Power Circle

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