We are excited to announce that we will be attending LCNI 2019 at the Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, on 30 and 31 October. 

This year, members of the EIC team will be joining our four DNO partners (SSEN, UKPN, SPEN and NPG) on their stands:

  • Nathan Dyke, Innovation Engineer, will be on the NPG stand M08
  • Ceena Mathew, Innovation Engineer, will be on the SPEN stand M01
  • Daniel Hambleton-Wood, Business Analyst, will be on the SSEN stand M02
  • Anthony Reid, Innovation Engineer, will be on the UKPN stand 

The Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference (LCNI) is an annual conference event held by the Energy Networks Association (ENA). The purpose of the event is to showcase the breadth of innovative engineering work taking place across the energy sector, through a series of speaker sessions and on exhibitor stands.

As innovation in energy is moving so quickly, this is a fantastic opportunity for stakeholders from the world of energy and beyond to come together to share ideas, best practice and look to take a whole systems approach to shape the future energy landscape.

Energy network companies are focused on rising to the challenges of decarbonisation, digitisation, and decentralisation. At this year’s LCNI Conference, they are not only looking to empower today’s energy innovators but also those of the future and are encouraging students from across the country to join in the debate.

As well as attending LCNI, we will also be delivering presentations over the course of the two days: 

Day 1 - 30 October 2019

11.30 - 13.00: Denise Massey, Managing Director, will be presenting at the Innovation Funding Seminar in the Lomond Auditorium

13:40-14:20:  Liam Bolton, Innovation Community Lead, will be giving a presentation at the UKPN Stand (E02) on how the EIC supports SMEs and introducing our new SME Insights that will be launching next year

14:30-15:00: SSEN Stand – Daniel Hambleton-Wood, Business Analyst, will be presenting at the SSEN Stand (M02) to give further insight into the EIC and how we innovate and collaborate with SSEN

Day 2  - 31 October 2019

10:00-10:30: Daniel Hambleton-Wood, Business Analyst, will be presenting at the SSEN Stand (M02) to give further insight into the EIC and how we innovate and collaborate with SSEN

To find out more about this year's LCNI Conference, visit: http://www.lcniconference.org/

We look forward to seeing you there!

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