Energy Transition 2.0 Europe: Solutions for Whole System Decarbonisation

Energy Transition 2.0 Europe: Solutions for Whole System Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation in the energy sector is a pressing and complex issue. Globally, we must reach net-zero carbon emissions by at least 2050 to prevent the consequences of just a 2 °C increase in the Earth’s temperature. In other words, time is not on our side. As UN Secretary General António Guterres succinctly put it at the recent COP25 summit, "the point of no return is no longer over the horizon". - Denise Massey, MD

That's why we've partnered with Climate Action and Mission Innovation on their event, Energy Transition 2.0 Europe. 


"Considering the recent public health crisis around COVID-19, Climate Action has made the extremely difficult decision to postpone all upcoming live events due to take place within the next 5-months, including the launch of Energy Transition 2.0 Europe (ETE2.0).

Given the severity and escalation in COVID-19 cases as well as the increase in travel restrictions across Europe, we believe the best course of action is to follow the advice of public health officials during this time. This difficult decision is not made lightly, however we must seriously consider the safety and comfort of all those attending and the greater implications of hosting a large gathering at this point in time.

With this said, we have decided to reorganise ETE2.0 into a digital event series. Over the next 3 months, Climate Action will be hosting webinars that reflect the ETE2.0 agenda as well as a new Energy Insights editorial series hearing from key industry experts on the energy transition. These two series’ will be hosted and promoted on our digital media platform Further information on the webinar series will be shared shortly onto this website, including session topics and how to register. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this change may cause. Please do not hesitate to contact our team should you have questionsclick here to get in touch.

On Tuesday 24 March, Climate Action is hosting a webinar on Decarbonising Heavy Industry and Heavy Transport in order to reach net-zero emissions. Heavy industries and transportation are known as ‘hard to abate’ due to the immense challenge of electrification and the costs of transition. Whilst we know the significant impact these industries have on our climate and environment, the challenges, barriers, and pathways to net-zero are widely overlooked and under-resourced. We must rapidly increase investment if we are to scale-up and adopt strategies to decarbonise heavy industries. Register now to learn from industry and policy experts on the technical challenges of transition and the innovative solutions that are available today for our hard to abate sectors."

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Achieving net zero targets is one of the biggest challenges facing the energy and utilities industry, but by innovating together we can drive change and deliver a decarbonised future. Our industry partners are always looking for innovative new solutions to the challenges they face, including net zero, which is why we provide a platform where innovators like you can respond to the latest innovation opportunities and challenges, and submit your innovative ideas. Our expert team have an extensive knowledge base, allowing us to consistently help our partners to address challenges, and to support our innovation community. This enables innovators and industry to come together and build a strong innovation culture and streamline innovation processes.

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