Energy Systems Catapult call on UK Innovators for India Clean Air Project

Energy Systems Catapult call on UK Innovators for India Clean Air Project

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Cities worldwide are struggling with both air pollution, enabling the increase of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the wide-ranging infrastructure challenges they present. 

EIC partner, Energy Systems Catapult, is running a joint programme with Connected Places Catapult and Satellite Applications Catapult – Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) – to harness private sector and academic expertise from India and the UK to support the development of EV integration and clean air innovations.

UK companies interested in entering the Indian market that can tackle above challenges (EV integration and air quality) and have developed innovative products or services that can be deployed in the Bengaluru testbed are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Through this open call, successful applicants will have the opportunity deploy their innovative products and services in a real-life urban testbed in Bengaluru, India and create exciting collaboration opportunities for UK and Indian innovators.

About the programme

The IfCA programme is a two-year UK-India joint initiative supporting UK and Indian innovators in Bengaluru to promote best practice innovation and technology exchange, improve the local business ecosystem, and create a sustainable platform for ongoing UK-India government and industry cooperation.

There are two main workstreams:

The Air Quality Innovation stream 

Supporting promising innovations with the potential to improve air quality and tackle pollution at source, we are especially looking to explore:

innovative ways to measure and visualise air pollution

solutions promoting active mobility (walking and cycling)

smart waste management

clean cooking and heating, and

ways to promote and empower behaviour change.

The EV Innovation stream

Supporting the uptake and integration of EVs in Bengaluru and India as a whole, we are especially looking to explore technology, business models and consumer approaches for:

charging infrastructure solutions

grid management

renewable energy integration, and

electric mobility (all aspects, including battery management systems).

To find out more and to submit a proposal, visit:

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