The feedback and insights provided by innovators in our 2022 survey have been invaluable in helping us to identify ways in which we can improve the innovation process. There are five key areas in which improvements can be made and 12 priority actions the EIC will take to improve the innovator experience. 

To ensure these are addressed effectively and in a timely manner, a plan of 'next steps' has been developed. 

1. Delivery (from August 2022) 

We've already begun delivering the actions to improve innovation identified in the Innovator Insights Survey 2022 and will be working with other Industry organisations like UKRI or the ENA where we need to. 

2. Roadmap Development (September to December 2022) 

Over the first few months from the publication of the report, we will be developing more detailed plans for each action to be published towards the end of 2022, including key milestones, timescales and how success will be measured. 

3. Progress Tracking & Reporting (next 12 months) 

We will provide regular updates about our progress, including formal progress reports in the first quarters of 2023 and 2024 and additional updates when objectives or key milestones are achieved. 

4. Further Insight (next 12 months) 

While the survey revealed the main areas for improvement, each will need to be delved into more deeply to best understand how they can be addressed, so we'll be arranging one-to-one discussions and workshops with innovators to improve our understanding of them. 

5. Benchmark  

The outputs of the survey will be used as benchmarks by which to measure the progress made within the industry over the next three years. 

Download the Innovator Insights Survey 2022 for more information about how the EIC is removing barriers for private sector innovators. 

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