The Energy Innovation Centre is transforming its branding to reflect the maturity of its industry partnerships, flourishing collaboration across gas and electricity, and expansion into the water sector.

The refresh will see a style revamp across the company’s branding, including the introduction of a contemporary colour palette and a new logo that offers an eye-catching modernised look whilst maintaining the integrity and recognition of the original.

Another key change will be the shortening of the centre’s name from ‘Energy Innovation Centre’ to ‘EIC’- an acronym already widely used by employees and stakeholders.

The requirement for this name shift became apparent when the centre branched out beyond the energy sector, after having successfully acquired new water utility partners in 2018.

As ‘energy’ refers to gas and electricity, a more inclusive name was needed in order to incorporate the new partners and represent the brand’s evolution.

However, through use of the already established acronym ‘EIC’, connections to the centre’s heritage and legacy remain.

The EIC will continue to bridge the gap between larger utilities and innovators, consistently providing an established route to market innovative ideas and technologies, and will work alongside partners to encourage innovation and collaboration, both within their respective sectors and cross-collaboratively. 

The EIC’s Operations Director, Matthieu Michel, said:

‘In the past few years the EIC has gone from strength to strength, expanding partnerships and maturing as an organisation. I feel that this refresh of our branding encompasses who we are as an organisation and how we have evolved. We are still doing the important work that we have always done, connecting innovators with our partner companies, and our new name, EIC, emphasises this connection to our roots and core values. However, what it also does is expand our scope, making us more inclusive and open to exciting future opportunities.’     

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