EIC Energy Innovation Awards 2022 now open for entries

EIC Energy Innovation Awards 2022 now open for entries

Taking place in 2022, the Energy Innovation Awards will celebrate the greatest in innovation across the industry.

Including several exciting new categories, the Awards will acknowledge ground-breaking new innovative projects and ideas from across the energy sector.  Sustainability will be a key focus, with a ‘Net Zero Impact Award’ for the innovation best aiding in the transition to a low carbon energy system.

Denise Massey, MD of the EIC, said:

“The EIC Awards are a celebration of industry-wide achievements in innovation, creating a space to acknowledge ground-breaking ideas and the development of new initiatives. With the energy industry driving forward to deliver a net zero future, we need to harness the greatest in ingenuity to deliver carbon neutral solutions from our global innovation community.

We are proud that the EIC provides a unique digital platform for innovators and leading industry partners to collaborate and propel innovation which will support the transition to a decarbonised energy system. Working together is essential to foster solutions that will benefit consumer wellbeing, and to secure a safer and more efficient future for all.”

The full list of Awards categories can be found below:

Best Innovation – Gas

Awarded for an innovation that has had the greatest impact in maximising gas distribution network assets and practices, improving efficiency and providing benefits to operations.

Best Innovation – Electricity

For an innovation that has had the greatest impact in optimising electricity distribution network assets and practices, improving efficiency and providing benefits to operations.

Best Digital Innovation

For digital and data solutions that support the energy networks in the transition to a decentralised, smarter energy system.

Greatest Cross-Sector Potential

Awarded for a solution that has been deployed in at least one sector, and has the potential to span utilities.

Future Energy System

For innovators with an idea or prototype which shows the greatest potential for future impact on the energy systems transition.

Best Collaborative Initiative

For initiatives that involve at least three organisations, which has developed, or is developing, a breakthrough innovative solution.

Customer Focus

For innovations that look to improve best practice in the industry and provide direct benefits to customers.

Innovator of the Year

For a person or organisation who effectively contributes to and engages with the industry, not only for commercial outcome, but to drive energy sector development.

Net Zero Impact Award

For innovations that can help transform the energy system and achieve Net Zero.

Social Impact

For projects that can demonstrate a positive and lasting impact on society.

Young Innovator of the Year

For young innovators (under 30) who have developed new ideas or new ways of doing things for the energy industry and for customers.

Culture of Innovation Award

For companies that can evidence that their technological, cultural and behavioural development has resulted in increased innovation. 

The event will also feature an exclusive ‘Innovation Safari’ in the two hours leading up to the awards, during which innovators and energy industry professionals can:

listen to elite expert speakers,

participate in a Q&A session with top industry professionals,

and hold valuable discussions

The Innovation Safari is a place where innovators benefit from the rare opportunity to demonstrate and discuss their ideas and technologies with leading industry representatives.  Some of the best and brightest ideas and technologies will be on display at this unique EIC forum.

Submit your Energy Innovation Awards entry for consideration today here

Entries close 24th September 2021.

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