EIC at UWLO now available on demand: Net Zero Challenge in Utilities, Diversity & Inclusion, and Innovating for Vulnerable Customers

EIC at UWLO now available on demand: Net Zero Challenge in Utilities, Diversity & Inclusion, and Innovating for Vulnerable Customers

Alongside our virtual stand at Utility Week Live Online we worked together with our partners across the 3 days to provide you with engaging content within the innovation programme

If you weren't able to make it to UWLO on the day or want to re-watch one of the sessions, you can now log in or register here to watch on demand.

The sessions include: 

1. Net Zero Challenge in Utilities: Decarbonising our Transport and Logistics Operation

What is it about? 

As utilities strive to meet net zero targets, how are they responding to the challenge of decarbonising their own operations? The topics of transport and logistics are open for discussion in this fast-paced panel event. 

Hosted by Professor Clive Deadman, representing the EIC, this is the first in a series of initiatives to inform innovators and other stakeholders of the current challenges to achieve Net Zero. The content from this session will feed into a future collective industry challenge that will be open to submissions from our innovation community in the coming months.

Joining the speaker panel: 

  • Richard Hynes-Cooper, Head of Innovation at Northern Gas Networks
  • Stewart Reid, Head of Future Networks at Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks
  • Robert Anderson, Senior Fleet Specialist at CENEX

This session:

  • highlights the specific challenges that the networks are looking to resolve
  • provides you with the opportunity to ask questions to the panel
  • provides you with an exclusive look ahead into an upcoming innovation opportunity 
  • introduces the people tasked with creating the strategies, finding the solutions, and making the investments 

Who is the session for?

  • Innovators looking to collaborate with the UK utilities to help them to decarbonise their transport operations
  • Network teams looking to build knowledge about the topic
  • Advisors and investors looking to advise their client base on engaging with the energy networks on the decarbonisation of transport

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2. Creating the conditions for innovation: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion = Innovation²

What is it about?

Why do we sometimes have an ingrained bias against certain groups that we give labels to?  As a sector we are good at process, but it is by understanding the human condition, by understanding what makes people tick, then we can accelerate enduring change in human behaviour.

Want to know more? Watch Mac Alonge from the Equal Group and Alan Mullett from the EIC debate these issues.

3. Innovating for vulnerable customers: Introduction 

What is it about?

Responsibility for delivering essential services has always come with responsibility for the utility companies to protect the most vulnerable in our society. To ensure they are not deprived of heat, power or water, nor disadvantaged by any inability to engage in utilities markets. 

The social and economic fallout of the pandemic means that the scale and severity of vulnerability that utilities need to respond to, has escalated into unprecedented territory. 

Our Managing Director, Denise Massey, introduced the day’s programme. The session will explore how companies are innovating with the use of data, technology, third sector partnerships and more, to effectively serve and protect all those in vulnerable circumstances.

4. Innovating for vulnerable customers: Speaker panel and Q&A

What is it about?

Chaired by our Managing Director, Denise Massey, in this session you will hear from speakers across the industry about innovating for vulnerable customers.

Speakers include:

  • Rose Chard, Consumer Insight Manager - Energy Systems Catapult
  • Jo Giles, Customer Safeguarding Manager – Cadent
  • Rebecca Payne, Innovation Project Manager – Cadent
  • Louise Beardmore, Customer Services and People Director - United Utilities
  • Ashley Firth, Head of Front End - Octopus Energy

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