EIC and Catapult welcome government industrial strategy

EIC and Catapult welcome government industrial strategy

The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) and the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) have backed the government’s ambition to make the UK ‘one of the best places in the world to develop and sell clean technologies’.

Since establishing a partnership in 2015, EIC and ESC have been working together to unlock the challenges facing British innovators who are driving forward innovation in the energy sector as it transitions to a low carbon economy.

Innovation scout, EIC, is a vital link between the UK’s gas and electricity distribution network operators and a community of over 2,000 SME innovators with ideas, technologies and services that have the potential to make the existing distribution network infrastructure more resource efficient and fit for purpose.

EIC and ESC designed the flagship Insights programme to support innovators and, in turn, grow innovation strengths.  The programme – including a research report, a range of downloadable resources and a series of workshops – engaged with industry to identify ways in which innovative ideas could be effectively translated into industrial and commercial practices and increase the number of new technologies breaking through to market.

Denise Massey, MD, Energy Innovation Centre, said: “We’re hopeful that our Insights programme will provide a boost to removing the barriers to energy sector innovation adoption that were reported in our joint research study with the Catapult earlier this year. The ultimate goal, however, must be to see an uplift in the number of innovations and ideas translating into commercially successful applications that are adopted into business as usual.”

“The EIC innovator community is strong on delivering clever technologies and smart systems that can help transform the current networks, making them capable of meeting future demands. We’re hugely supportive of the Government’s pledge to increase support for clean growth innovation, including adopting a collaborative approach to accelerate progress, which is good news for SME innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Philip New, Chief Executive at the Energy Systems Catapult said: “We welcome the government’s commitment in the Industrial Strategy to inextricably linking the transformation of the energy system with clean growth.

“The focus now, for the ESC, in collaboration with government, business, academia and partners, will be to build upon this momentum to ensure UK leadership in building a clean, secure and affordable energy system that will underpin productivity and growth in our economy.”

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