Climate Action Launches Digital Roadmap to help Organisations Continue with COP26 Efforts

Climate Action Launches Digital Roadmap to help Organisations Continue with COP26 Efforts

Following the recent announcement of the UNFCCC’s 26th Conference of Parties (COP26), Climate Action have announced the launch of their Digital Roadmap to COP26 series to help all organisations maintain momentum on climate-sustainability commitments and their global engagement ahead of the UNFCCC's COP negotiations - now taking place in 2021. 

The Digital Roadmap to COP26 series is a collection digital events curated to reflect the major challenges and opportunities that will take centre stage in Glasgow. As part of the series, Climate Action are also offering a ‘Bespoke Digital Event service’ in which they will design, promote and deliver bespoke digital events, curated with organisations, in order to support engagement with the right stakeholders and working groups ahead of the COP negotiations.

In a statement following the announcement COP26’s postponement, Founder & CEO of Climate Action, Nick Henry, said:

‘Whilst COP26 has been postponed and environmental diplomacy seemingly put on hold, we cannot delay our commitments on climate action. We cannot postpone the climate emergency.

Now, more than ever, organisations must double down on climate and sustainability commitments. COVID-19 has given us a glimpse into a global economy decimated by crisis. If we do not address the global climate crisis now, the current levels of environmental and economic disruption will be a reality by 2050. We must use this crisis as a catalyst to re rewire the global system.

Although the COP26 postponement to 2021 is far from ideal for our planet, it will give us all more time to collaborate, build momentum and raise our ambition ahead of the UNFCCC’s COP26.’

To find out more about the Digital Roadmap,

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